285. ShowOff Project - with Sigrun, entrepreneur


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Today I have the very great pleasure to 'show off' Sigrun.  Sigrun has been in my world for about 4 years - initially as my online business coach and now as part of her team where I do coaching with her mastermind clients. 

My absolute favourite experience with Sigrun was attending a business retreat in her home country, Iceland - one of the highlights of my whole life. 

She's an impressive business woman and role model for thousands of women.

Sigrun's bio is remarkable... She's an award winning business coach, marketer and multiple 7 figure entrepreneur with a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship.  Sigrun has been called the leading business mentor for online entrepreneurs in Europe, is a TEDx speaker and host of the top-rated Sigrun Show podcast. She’s been featured in Forbes and numerous leading media publications in Europe and in 2021 won 5 Stevie Awards.

In our chat Sigrun shares some never been heard before stories of the people and experiences that have shaped her business and life. 

Background to The ShowOff Project:
As part of International Women's Day I'm showing off everyday women from every continent every single day for 50 days.  My hope is to bring insight, encouragement and inspiration at a very difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help re-imagine what every day women leading their worlds looks like.  Merilyn xx 


Website: sigrun.com

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