286. ShowOff Project - with Yolanda Drewell, style activator


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Yolanda is summed up with one word: fabulocity!  She's a fairly recent friend, but one of those you instantly feel like you've known all your life. So of course I wanted to 'show her off' during this special edition series. 

Yolanda Drewell is a Style Activator, Midlife Anti-Propagandist and Queen Of Fabulocity™️ who uses flamboyant clothes, language and modalities to empower midlife women to look, feel and do fabulous.

South African, born to Dutch parents, living in the UK with her husband and four teenagers.  She ran her own PR agency for 15 years (with clients such as Richard Branson) and is the founder of Come Be Fabulous. 

Listen to this chat and you'll see why I adore Yolanda and am so glad she scatters my world with encouragement, inspiration and of course fabulocity. 

Background to The ShowOff Project:
As part of International Women's Day I'm showing off everyday women from every continent every single day for 50 days.  My hope is to bring insight, encouragement and inspiration at a difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help re-imagine what every day women leading their worlds looks like.  Merilyn xx 

Website: yolandadrewell.com
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