287. ShowOff Project - with Carola Epple, Media Scientist


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Today I'm honoured to show off my friend Carola Epple, who has an intriguing business. She's a media scientist, Virtual Reality entrepreneur and Managing Director of Lab E GmbH.

Carola has a fascinating background in innovative business models, media formats and has an MBA in Innovation and Business Creation. She's an expert in the use of virtual reality for activating emotional arousal and her research led to her founding her own company in this space. She uses technology to help individuals escape their busy schedule and overcome fears with Virtual Reality.

Background to The ShowOff Project:
As part of International Women's Day I'm showing off everyday women from every continent every single day for 50 days.  My hope is to bring insight, encouragement and inspiration at a difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help re-imagine what every day women leading their worlds looks like.  Merilyn xx 

Website: www.virtuallytheremedia.com 
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