292. ShowOff Project - with Katja Brunkhorst, personal branding coach


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Want to hear a fiery, heart-felt chat about the seriousness of issues like women's agenda and the climate crisis? Then take 30 minutes and listen to Katja Brunkhorst, my next 'showoff project' guest. 

We chat about:

  • The backlash that can happen when women speak up.
  • Empathy and anger - two emotions we need more of. 
  • Making watching 'Our Planet' (David Attenborough) mandatory for humanity.
  • Sisterhood, not victimhood.  

Katja is a human disco ball: combining her super-sharp PhD scholar head with all the emotions, she knows how to connect the head and the heart through music, sound & the breath. A punk rock philosopher, a feminist coach and a web conversion copy writer, she helps her highly sensitive entrepreneur clients find the words that make them stand out and shine, so they can help heal the world. Revealing identities - that's her claim and that is what all her diverse activities as a serial expert lead to, from yoga retreats via copy coaching to high-end, holistic personal branding from the inside out. 

Background to The ShowOff Project:
As part of International Women's Day I'm showing off everyday women from every continent.  My hope is to bring insight, encouragement and inspiration at a difficult time on the planet.  And, most importantly, to help re-imagine what every day women leading their worlds looks like.   


websites: bright-idea.de/en and katjabrunkhorst.com/en 

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