296. ShowOff Project - with Rachel Wayte, Energy Healer


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Oooh, this chat is fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. 
I'm showing off Rachel Wayte, who has a vary rare and unique gift of using her singing voice (think Opera standard) to bring energy healing to her world. 

This is a very 'personal' episode, as Rachel and I believe that the people who hear this are meant to hear it - so listen right to the end where Rachel 'channels' a special message for every listener. I hope it speaks to your heart and circumstances right now. 

Rachel Wayte is the world renowned sound healer, energy healer & spiritual channel for purpose-driven, high-achieving professionals & leaders who are ready to unleash their full potential and power, so they can fulfil their desires and make the massive contributions they are here to make. 

She combines her trained operatic & classical voice with her remarkable healing gifts and uses the power of sound, energy & intuition to reach deep into a person’s soul to discover what stories, traumas, and emotions have become trapped in the body. Guided by her intuition Rachel’s clears what’s keeping you stuck (even if you don’t know what it is) to create release, freedom and healing on a level you never dreamed possible.

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