301. ShowOff Project - Laura Sweet, Artist & Writer


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If you look up the definition of 'mother archetype' in the dictionary, my next guest Laura Sweet would probably have her name there as an example. 

She's been a client of mine and has been active, nurturing, inspiring part of my Lead Your World community for a while, so it is with great pleasure that I get to 'show her off' today.

Laura Sweet is a writer and artist living on a small homestead in Northern California between the Redwood Highway and Blacksands beaches of the Lost Coast since 1994.

She and her husband of 37 years, Homeschooled their two daughters in a beautiful rural community and now maintain an integral role in the lives of three grandchildren as well.

Laura’s creative lifestyle is a practical expression of both her transformational health and her natural reciprocity with life. It is how she remains devoted to the mercurial essence of the world she inhabits. If she could impart one simple thing to every soul in the world, it would be that they are whole, holy beloved and worthy of encountering themselves thus.

If you could truly see inside her head or heart, you would find everyone and everything swirling harmoniously there. You would feel how painful it is to squeeze that into a tagline or some other ‘marketable’ format. She simply desires to be a benevolent ancestor. To be that is outside the definitions of contemporary success or business model, let alone have a monetary value. To be that is to make everyday choices for the long game which is fiercely unpopular in our specialised capitalist culture.

So, how does she show that life to be so vibrant, nourishing, healing and pleasurable that others may recognise themselves in it? Well, I believe this chat might indeed do that. 

Website: laurasweetstudios.com
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