311. The Great Change


A big change has happened.
A global evolution you may not know about, but definitely have felt.
It challenges what we’ve been told to believe all our lives and it’s igniting a quiet uprising.

That change…is the move from the Age of Success to the Age of Integrity*.
And a move from old power to New Power. 

Phrases like “just do it”, trust the process" and “skyrocket to success” aren’t landing anymore?

This language of The Age Of Success is an outdated power position. A language of war. Where people are targets, captured by lead magnets and then processed through funnels! Where building a business uses analogies of driving a bus, climbing a ladder or getting on the 'road to success'.

And we chase evangelists who peddle their fast tracks, whilst the Joneses have upgraded to Kardashians.

Its way of thinking has been taught in schools all our lives (no wonder we have mindset issues around greatness and being entrepreneurial!).

If you are frustrated and out of alignment... things are changing. 
Especially in the online business and marketing world.

An unconventional difference is here…

The Age of Integrity isn’t about a moral standpoint.
It's about humanity being in integrity with who we were born to be.
That’s true freedom.

Trusting in our own hearts.
Light. Free. Uncomplicated.
Where we are free from  victimisation.
And Tall Poppies are encouraged, not cut down.

Where... life and business follows natural rhythms that don't burn people out.

Self-sustaining. Organic. Creative.

Growing a business, instead of building one.Just like a farmer relates to seasons.

Where businesses market to people’s wow… not their fears.
Where feminine and masculine energies dance together.
Where relationships with wealth, success and failure are healthy.
Where businesses market to people’s wow… not their fears.
And joy is the compass.

A new, fresh path forward.
Conscious relationships.
No pecking order.
Showcasing other’s brilliance instead.

Not fearing the future, but leading it. 

*David Hawkins, MD Phd. author 

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