314. Carina Sunding - Turnaround Wow


"Anxiety is now a superpower for me". Carina Sunding

Carina Sunding is an entrepreneur, coach & dream realizer. Many years ago, she left her traditional career to fulfill her desire for a freer and more meaningful work life. Around a kitchen table 4good started, four women for something good that later became Sweden's largest female network.

Website: makeithappen.se

Wow is an energy. It's an expression of beauty, of awe, of wonder... of genius, of insight and ah-ha's. In a world that feels a little grey, the spirit of Wow must be felt. And heard. This podcast season exists to explore the magnetism of 'wow' in life and business, to showcase the Wow in others and to talk about how they discovered their Wow.

I believe the future is wow... join me.

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