316. Jaclyn Shaw - Deep Wow


"When women lead in their fire and their power, and their beauty… that creates a lot of change for the heartbreaking things in the world”. Jaclyn Shaw

Jak is a 7 Figure mentor + channel, who leads visionaries in quantum energetics + divine feminine activation. She’s known for taking her clients to the depths of their knowing, to their most intimate truth, where they are able to activate their authentic voice. Through her work clients quantum leap, develop a deep trust within themselves, and un-apologetically show up to lead in their power. The projector in her SEES, what you can’t yet see. Together you bring it to life.

Website: jaclynshaw.ca
Instagram: @jaclyn_shaw_

Wow is an energy. It's an expression of beauty, of awe, of wonder... of genius, of insight and ah-ha's. In a world that feels a little grey, the spirit of Wow must be felt. And heard. This podcast season exists to explore the magnetism of 'wow' in life and business and to showcase Tall Poppies I know who are following what lights them up. 

I believe the future is wow... join me.

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