EP51 | Lead your world

You've probably heard me use the phrase LEAD YOUR WORLD a lot.
I don't mean lead THE world, although there's definitely a leadership crisis in much of the world right now.
But being a leader of your world is at the heart of what I do. Because unless we can be the leader of our own lives we can't really successfully create our own incomes... or be the leader of our own businesses.
When I say 'world' I mean that sphere of influence that you have on the outside - are you inspiring, influencing, empowering those around you? And I also mean, the inner world as well - are you leading your thoughts, your emotional reactions, your health, you wellbeing?
The opposite to leading your world is being a follower or a reactor to life. We are all naturally well trained at doing that. Just think of social media. How much time do you spend following what everyone else does, and not being your own unique self leading your won way. I'm not saying that following is wrong, as we can learn a lot by being a follower.
But are we a sheep blindly following? Or are we the leader of our own life.
The other opposite of leading is REACTING. This is probably the true antonym of leading. Reacting to what happens subconsciously.
So... how can you be a better leader of your world?

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