EP58b | [Unedited] Get It Done Blueprint Blooper

OMG BLOOPER MOMENT... I was really busy this week. Plus we had the big distraction of the Coronavirus and the economic impact. It feels like we need to switch 2020 off for 30 seconds and turn it back on again, hey?

Anyhow, my big blooper was to accidentally upload the raw unedited file for episode 58, instead of the lovely, finished version. I didn't notice until a colleague of mine messaged me!

However... she found it FASCINATING! As it showed her the BEHIND THE SCENES of my podcast recording process! Eeek.

My first response was 'oops, did I swear at all?'. 

So after hurrying to replace the file, we decided to give you BOTH versions of Episode 58 - so you can hear the behind the scenes! This version is the uncut, unedited version.

You'll notice that recording a podcast is a process! 
And to be the best we need practice!

Enjoy both versions!