EP80 | A lesson about resilience

What fuels the success of leaders? Resilience 

What if all the things that happened TO you were happing FOR you. 

Those 'failures' and 'set backs' and 'delays' and 'traumas' and 'disappointments'... what if these were the making of you?  

What if (and this sounds harsh, but hear me out) they were there to help you get to where you really want to go? 

To teach you? To shape you? To evolve and transform you into the person you really want to be? 

If you see your past as wisdom then you've passed the test of resilience. 

But if you are still seeing much failure and set back, can you think of what they are trying to tell you?

What would turn what you are going through right now into wisdom 

And here’s an exercise I’d love you to do. Go sit somewhere quiet, and ask yourself this question. 

It’s 5 years from now. You are looking back at 2020 and all the great things that came out of if, both for you personally and your business and your relationships. Because you were resilient. 

Write down what happened.  

Then believe it.  

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