EP81 | Can the real influencers please stand up

Over the last few years a new job title as emerged… ‘Influencer’ 

Born out of Instagram. 

The hashtag #influencer has over 20.6 million posts. 

20.6 million! 

We see it in people’s bios, ‘I’m an influencer’. 

But seriously, saying that is like saying, ‘I have influence, and you don’t’ 


In actual fact, even the most introverterted person… 

The term ‘influencer’ is a compliment that is given by others TO you, not a job title, status, position or something for your Instagram Bio!  Its not a self ascribed term. 

It actually makes my skin crawl when I see someone stating ‘influencer’ and it makes me pity them even more when they have only 134 followers and every picture is of them wearing some kind of designer label they hope will notice and make them their brand ambassador! 

I know what you mean though. An Instagram Influencer is someone who basically sells products for others! Be it tooth whitening gel. shoes, makeup, hair products, jeans… you name it. The sky is the limit as long as you have the right hashtags 

But what you really are is chasing… wishing… hoping.. longing for… FAME!  


Being an influencer is what you as a business owner is SUPPOSED to be. 

This also applies to ‘thought leader’ and even ‘public figure’…  

Being an influencer is A GREAT ASPIRATION and goal. It should be on every entrepreneurs 20 year vision board! 

But REAL INFLUENCE is about you achieving a level of success in business and life, which then puts you in a leadership status.  

Leadership should be the goal of every business owner. Every entrepreneur.  

Yes you already have the status of leader if you run your own business, but true LEADERSHIP is when you’ve achieved that level of status and it INSPIRES AND INFLUENCES others. 

Not something you state in your bio! 

Sure, get someone else to say it of you. Include a quote. A testimony. As yes, it ads to your credibility and authority fo those  who don’t know you yet. 

But please. Oh please… stop calling yourself an ‘Influencer’.  

So stop calling yourself that. And just stand up and start leading. 

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