EP87 | It's a man's world (or is it?) - interview with Kara Diane Festa

Now this interview is fascinating. I'm chatting with Kara Diane Festa about the masculine and feminine styles of operating in business. She is a now a business coaching who was an engineer and owner of a 8 figure engineering and environmental business for over 20 years. So she well knows how to operate as a women in a man's world. She now is dedicated to supporting other women in business and STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math, aka “traditionally male-dominated fields”). Kara believes that the old ways of "doing" life and business need to make way for a more compassionate, conscious, connected way of being. 

We talk about:

  • Masculine and feminine working styles - how do we navigate this.
  • Work-life balance - is it real?
  • Being vulnerable and jumping from the known into the unknown world of starting one's own business. 

Kara's website

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To get a copy of Kara's ebook “How Belly Dancing Ended My Engineering Career: Take the First Steps from Frazzled Frustrated and Unfulfilled to Your Joyful, Purpose-Filled Life”, contact her through her web site and request a copy. https://karadiane.com/contact/

If you would like an audio guided visualization (and a written version) of a powerful practice to create more time and space in your busy life, via a sign-up on my web site. https://karadiane.com/start/

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