Hello anxiety!

Merilyn: sometimes I forget to think abundantly.

Anxiety: but you aren’t abundant, you still have needs.

Merilyn: gosh, you are very needy aren’t you! We are extremely abundant. Just look around.

Anxiety: 😕

Merilyn: I see you’re not convinced. What if I tell you nice things. Would that help?

Anxiety: Maybe. But please don’t try any woo woo on me.

Merilyn: [takes anxiety by the shoulders, smiles and looks in her shadowy eyes.]
I know that you, dear anxiety, just want to keep me safe. You aren’t the devil. You aren’t the enemy. You aren’t even the mean girl.

Anxiety: 🙄

Merilyn: truth is, whenever I have a need, it always is met. But you find it easier to say, ‘I’m broke’ or ‘I’m strapped’. But anxiety, dear anxiety, just listen to your words: Broke. Strapped. That’s not me.

Anxiety: but I’m just trying to protect you.

Merilyn: yes I know. I appreciate that. I forget that too. When I don’t stop and listen to you, you thump me in the head with a headache!

Anxiety: sorry, I just have to get your attention!

Merilyn: well you got it. You want to know something else, oh sentinel of my brain? You, underneath are just a cocktail of brain chemicals. A tangle of neurotransmitters that are firing and wiring together to form a habit. But, dear anxiety, your job is done. For today anyway.

Anxiety: [silence]

Merilyn: 😍

Anxiety: [exits stage right]