Clear that head!

How would you like to know the fastest way to a clear thinking head? Especially when you’ve got so much to do!
Brain fog. Fuzzy head. Overwhelm. 
These things are the garden variety pests that stop us from being productive. 
Well I’ve got a little exercise you can do right after you finish watching this video… 
But before we do that, let’s chat about why we get brain fog…
Who know’s that feeling? 
Yes, it can come from sugar and too much refined carbohydrates, but I”m not talking about that kind of brain fog this time.
I mean that brain fog from having too much to do. Too many plates spinning. 
That we lack clarity over what next and are drowning in to-do’s.
The problem is not just the overwhelm, but the LACK OF ROOM FOR BEING CREATIVE. 
We all know that being BUSY dines’t mean we are productive. 
So it’s not caused by having too much to do (as entrepreneurs and go-getters you’ll never get through your to-do list anyway. Ever).
It’s caused by having:
  1. the wrong system or NO system for processing all that stuff you have to do.  So you use post it notes and write to-do’s in 20 places.
  2. having too many OPEN LOOPS. Meaning, you start things but don’t finish them and you hold all the open loops in your brain. 
Hasn’t your brain got better things to do that remembering al that you have to do? 
So here’s what you can do:
  1. Adopt the 2 minute rule
  2. Always ask ‘whats the next action to take on this right now?
So back to that exercise I spoke about at the beginning. It’s so simple you might initially doubt how powerful it can be.
Grab a new notebook, or new sheet of paper and write ‘master to do list’ at the top. 
We are going to COLLECT every little thing you have to do that is scattered all around you.
  • in your head - do a mind sweep
  • in note books
  • on scraps of paper
  • on your phone notes
  • in emails
  • lists on walls
  • voice recordings.
Gather, or COLLECT them all.
Set a time and try and do it in 30 minutes. 
Now. How do you feel? 
You should feel lighter and clearer thinking already.
If you don't already have a productivity system, use this master list every day. Add to it. But get in the habit of writing in this one place only.