New Year's resolutions don't work!

Do you write New Year's Resolutions? I don't.

Honestly, the intent is there because it's a fresh new year and all that, but intentions are usually abandoned by February. And not only abandoned but their 'non-achievement-ness' needles their way into our psyche and makes us beat up on ourselves.

So instead, I simply use my Reminders on my iphone! I've set up recurring daily, weekly, monthly (and because I'm an organisational geek even yearly ones). And these reminders just roll around, recurring as I've set them up to recur (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). After a few months they pretty much become habits. And if I'm not 'doing them' I know it's not really my motivation to do it, so I sort what's going on in my head about that or I delete the habit! Simples.

Oh yes, I have goals. But only with 3 month deadlines. Anything beyond that is a 'vision'. And I have a yearly word-theme. Something that helps anchor me when I'm feeling wobbly. Last years word was 'enjoy', this years word is 'courage'.

How about you? Do you set New Year's Resolutions? Or do you have a word theme? Or perhaps another idea. I'd love to hear.


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