If you still are asking 'what's my calling', perhaps we need to chat

A few months ago my mum died.

A month earlier the doctors found a huge cancer lymphoma in her head.
It was unexpected, but she died peacefully and she didn’t have to suffer for months.

I made it to her bedside 10 minutes before she died. The nurses said she was waiting for me, even though she had slipped into unconsciousness earlier that day. I live 4 hours drive away. I said goodbye and thanked her for being my mum, and a tear fell from her eye before she literally took her last breath. It was surreal and I felt like I was in some strange movie. But it was very, very real.

Why do I share this story? Well apart from it explaining why I’ve not published any blog posts for a looooong time, I felt inspired to ask you:

Do you know what you are called to do and be?' And a more urgent question, 'Are you living it?'

You see, my mum knew her calling from a very young age.

Whilst packing up her things I found notebooks full of stories and scribbles of her life. Things I hadn’t even heard, things she hadn’t shared.

She grew up in a desperately poor and abusive family in rural Australia and was embarrassed at having to walk to school with no shoes, often no running water to bathe in and having to wrap her lunch in a newspaper.

You see, she wanted to be a nurse.
And she did.

But she got thrown out of home at 16 because of that calling.
Her family didn’t want her to follow her desires or do something grand with her life.
I found her old certificates and photos. And even discovered she topped her year and won awards.

My mum!

I, however, didn’t really know my calling until my fourth decade.
Oh, it was there all along, and there are reasons why I couldn’t ‘see’ it, but gosh, that feeling of not having clarity is the worst, isn’t it?

I craved to build my own brand. But I couldn’t figure out the what or how.

But I did know I wanted a life that had clarity. And to feel that I was absolutely living smack bang in my calling.

With no regrets.
A life that counts.

With so much going on in the world right now, it makes you ask such big questions, doesn't it? 

So how about you?

Email me at [email protected]. I'd love to chat.