Stop looking for your passion

Rainy weekends and being sick in bed. Kinda go together. That was my weekend. Lots of sleeping, thinking and I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (where have I been for the last 10 years)! Such a quirky, feel good show.

But stay with me and keep reading, as there's a point to this...

It got me thinking about different personalities. And about passions. Most of the characters in Gilmore Girls are clearly 'passionate' about their work, even though many of them don't have 'passionate' type personalities.

There's so much advice out there to 'find your passion'. And whilst this advice is well meaning, what if you are the type that doesn't really feel that passionate? Or what if you can't identify your 'passion' due to various life experiences, stresses, constant tiredness from parenting (to name just a few)!

Here's a suggestion - try replacing the word passion with one of these instead:

1. Enthusiasm
What are you enthusiastic about? It's not as extroverted as 'passion'. Enthusiasm is a lift in energy and inspires action. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and even if you might not feel fully rested you suddenly remember that you've got something on today that you are enthusiastic about getting into, and you suddenly find your tiredness has slipped away? Take note of that.

2. Peace
This one appeals to the quieter personalities. When you get real quiet and think about different options for your 'what next' in life, which brings peace? Tip - sometimes you need to listen past the 'fear' to find the peace.

3. What lights you up?
This is the joy one. You know those moments when someone is talking to you and suddenly their face lights up and they might even raise their voice, or talk faster and their eyes sparkle and you can see very clearly that what they are talking about brings them joy. That. That is a big clue to what lights them up. As adults we are so good at saying what we are supposed to say and ignoring what really lights us up.

My challenge to you
So here's a little assignment for this week - observe your emotions. Don't judge them or make any conclusions, just observe them. Take note of the kinds of things, thoughts, experiences, stories… anything… that you feel enthusiasm for, peace about and what lights you up when you are talking with someone.

These lifts in emotion are like breadcrumbs to finding your 'wow', that calling, your life's work, your purpose, your 'next thing'. It's inside you, not outside you.