What's taking you so long?

Are you fast or slow?
I'm the rabbit, not the tortoise.
I'm fast. Usually.
A fast walker… talker… eater…
I'm the one who is always saying, "Come on, what are you waiting for, hurry up…"
Drives my family nuts.
But, when it came to starting my online business, my own personal brand, I was slooooow.
Too many fears. Not enough clarity. 
The usual excuses.
I have absolutely no regrets and I experienced bucket loads of learning on the delay  way… (and besides, it makes for a great topic on this week’s show)!
But it wasn't necessary. I could have started 10 years earlier!
So what are you? Fast or slow?
Whatever your answer, you'll love this week's episode.
Press play. It’ll only take you 4 minutes.
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