Personality 'fortune telling'

We all love a good personality quiz… they are just fun, hey?   

Even the ones that tell you what kind of Game of Thrones character you are, or what type of cheese you would be.  

There’s something alluring about seeing if a quiz can ‘get us’. It's kind of like having our fortune told... we are fascinated by what secrets might be revealed about who we really are. I guess at the end of the day we just want to be known for who we really are. 

... well, this week I’ve got my own personality quiz for you. I've actually been using this quiz offline for about 15 years and whenever I run workshops on this, they are always everyone's favourite.

Click here to take the quiz

I’ve been testing this one on the 277 people who recently helped me pilot test a new course, and it definitely got the thumbs up!  

‘OMG. This is SO me’… was the usual response!  

The unique thing about this quiz is that it’s for business owners!  (and might help explain why you do or don’t like things like marketing, or why some of you struggle with the people side of business and whilst others of you find yourself chasing shiny objects when you should be working!).  

So, mosey along to the link below and find out what your WowArchetype is.  

And p.s. I had an older quiz running a while back, but this one is bright shiny and new. Same name, but different quiz.  

Click here to take the quiz